Creating an AsmoConnect account and being connected with it on our Apps and websites is important because it brings many features that will help you take the most out of your game:

Playing Online

You will need an AsmoConnect account to play online Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games and Days of Wonder games and enter the worldwide leaderboards. You will be able to choose a personalized name and avatar, monitor your games history and ranking progress, etc.

Adding friends to your "Buddy List"

You can add people you like to find them easily later on, send them invitations to play, etc.

Saving some data of your game in your account

It works in the Cloud, like your Achievements, your purchased maps (in Ticket to Ride), etc. This will allow you to get them back in case you switch to another device or reinstall your app. It will also allow you to share these if you have your game on multiple devices.

Staying tuned to the Asmodee news

When you sign-up, you have the option to receive our Newsletter. We advise to activate this option to hear about the latest news about our board games and our apps. Please be assured that we don't "spam" our users and we don't share our mailing list with anyone else.

Using more features on the Days of Wonder or Fantasy Flight Games web sites

And more generally on many Asmodee Web sites. Your AsmoConnect account is universal in the Asmodee universe, and so it will allow you to interact with lots of websites, and do things such as posting on forums, discovering events or exclusive content, registering your Days of Wonder board game, etc.

Creating an account is easy: it can be done directly from within our apps or from our Web site at