Before using the "Contact us" button, make sure you read the following instructionsso that we can help you as well as possible.

Tracking a bug can be a long and tedious task, so the more precise you can be in your report, the faster we will send the cause of the problem.For example, avoid sentences such as "The software does not work" or "I cannot play". Instead, provide a step-by-step procedure with as much details as possible: "From the main screen, I click on the 'Play' button. The Play screen appears, displays the list of scenarios and players, and then the application stops responding. I cannot quit the screen using the back button. Alt-F4 does not quit the application."

Providing screenshots can be of great help too.

Making a screenshot on Windows:

press the Print Screen key. Launch Paint and choose Paste from the Edit menu. Save your file as a JPG file.

Making a screenshot on Mac OS X:

press Command-Shift-3. An image file will be created on your desktop. Send us this file.

Making a screenshot on Steam:

press F-12. Then go back in Stream and open the menu View and Screenshots. Send us this file, or upload it in your screenshots libraryon Steam's cloud and give us the URL to access it.

Avoid pasting screenshots in a DOC file, as MS Word often reduces the image resolution in the process.

Use the Replay to point out the problem

If you are reporting an rules error, please give us the replay of your game:

  1. open your Officer Career
  2. click on the name of the battle where the problem occurred
  3. use the arrows to get to the exact step
  4. place your cursor above the hexagons to get the coordinates
  5. add the link of your Replay in your description

All these information will help to better understand the situation.

When should you report a bug?

You should report your bug as soon as the problem occurs. Do not keepplaying. Stop the application and prepare your bug report right away, while it is still fresh in your mind.

Attaching your output.log file

We require that you attach your "output.log" file to your bug report.Every time the application is run, it fills a special file with all type of technical information. When a program error is encountered, details about the error is also added to this log file. So we need it.

On Windows

open the "Memoir'44 Online" folder located in "Program Files" on yourC hard drive. If you are using Steam to play Memoir '44 Online, the installation directory is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\memoir'44online\. Then open the "log" sub-folder and locate the output.log file. If the file is large, you may want to compress (zip) it.

On Mac OS X

locate the "Memoir'44 Online" icon in the "Applications" folder. Do aright-click (or a Control-click) on it, and select " Show Package Contents" in the pop-up menu that opens up. This opens the application as a new window. Then drill down into "Contents" -> "Resources" ->"app" -> "log". You will find the output.log file in the "log" folder. If the file is large, you may want to compress it (right-click on it, then "compress").