Memoir '44 Online requires a graphic card that supports OpenGL 1.4 or more recent.

Most recent graphic cards do support this. In doubt, you can check on your manufacturer's web site or on community web sites, like:

If you think you have recent OpenGL drivers:

  1. First, make sure you are in Windowed Mode instead of Full Screen Mode. To do so (if you are able to reach the main screen of course), go to the Settings screen. If switching to windowed mode works better, it is probably one of the resolution/mode that did not work well for you.
  2. Make sure you have recent video drivers. 99% of video problems come from outdated video drivers. It is recommended to download and install the latest drivers from your video board manufacturer. If you have a hard time finding them, the following web site can help you:
  3. If you are using Asus GamerOSD, try to uninstall it. There are some issues with recent video drivers and this software.

You can find the appropriate drivers on your card's manufacturer web site:

It is to be noted that Microsoft Software Update is not able to find the most up to date drivers!

For "legacy" ATI products, as ATI doesn't officially support legacy GPUs on Windows 7, you should try the Vista driver. This works on most of these cards.

As usual when dealing with driver problems in Windows, make sure you make a backup of your valuable data before performing any configuration changes. If you do not feel confortable doing this type of operation, ask the help of an expert. Please note that we cannot provide support about Windows configuration. As explained in the end-user license agreement, we cannot take responsibility for any configuration problems or advises.