1. Click "Play" from the middle of the main TTR screen, then select "Online" from the menu.
  2. To link your friends as "Buddies" to make it easier to find each other again:
    A. Click on "Players" in the upper-right of the screen and search for your friends in the "Find" tab.
    B. Click on the name of each of your friends, and the white heart with the question mark in it to make them a "Buddy". Names with green hearts by them are already linked to your account as a buddy.
  3. Have all your friends go to Play/Online. They will now appear at the top of your Players/Online tab if they have been linked as Buddies.
  4. Click the "Create" tab in the center of the screen, and make sure the "Invitation" tag near the top of that page is selected.
  5. Click on the names of each friend you want to invite then on the "Invite" tag that appears by their name.
  6. Select any game settings you want (game map, total play time per player, starting player or random, if others can watch, if game is ranked, or any of the "Advanced" options).
  7. Click the large green "Play" button at the bottom center of the screen and your friends will be sent invitations.
  8. Once each of your buddies/friends hits accept or play on his end, you’ll see the play button green light come up again.
    Click on it and your board will open!