• Steam
If you bought the game on Steam, make sure you check the refund conditions here:
And then please follow the procedure explained here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6695-QIKM-7966
  • Google Play Store
If you bought it on Google Play, please specify you want a refund and the email adress or GPA number used for the purchase and send it to us here:
  • Apple / AppStore
If it was on AppStore, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds ourselves and you must do it via Apple's website:
  1. Go to Apple's problem reporting website: http://reportaproblem.apple.com/
  2. Enter your Apple ID credentials
  3. Find the purchase and click "Report a problem" on the same line
  4. Select the main reason from the pop-up menu
  5. Write one or two sentences in the text box to give more details.
Keep in mind that we have no control on this process, so it's up to Apple to accept or not the refund. This is why it is important to write a short text, it usually helps a lot!