Your game can't connect to our server and a "Connection Failed" error message is displayed.

Explanation 1:

This program requires to open an outbound TCP connection on our servers port 25536 for Ticket to Ride. If this connection fails with the error message "Connection refused", there might be a firewall/proxy on your network that prevents the connection.


This often happens in corporate environments or residential networks that are secured and forbid outgoing connections on non-standard ports.

Security software such as firewalls and security hardware such as routers are designed specifically to control your computer's incoming and outgoing connections. You may need to set up these security features to allow access to our game servers. If these are not set up correctly, the firewall or router may prevent you from connecting to our game servers.

Note that Operating System Firewalls like Windows Firewall or MacOSX firewalls usually don't prevent outbound connections. It can happen that some router are configured in strict mode, allowing only outbound connections to standard known ports (like e-mail, web...). In this case, you'll have to manually connect to the router and configure it to allow outbound connections to our game server.

Please note that simply disabling security software will not always allow the game to connect correctly, this is due to a feature with most security software in case a virus disables the security software without you realizing it. Configuring security software is preferred, however removing it completely can be used as a test to see if it was blocking the game.

Please note that Days of Wonder does not offer direct support for proxies (Internet connection sharing), firewalls, or routers. The settings provided are suggested settings only. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider or network administrator, or consult your router/modem documentation for assistance if you have opened the correct ports but still cannot connect.

It is also recommended that you contact your router manufacturer for updates that may help to resolve some connection issues.

Note that some Public Wifi Provider (like in Airports or other public places) prevents all outgoing connections to non-standard ports

Here is the list of outgoing TCP ports that need to be allowed:

Ticket to Ride: TCP port 25537
Gang of Four: TCP port 24100
Memoir'44: TCP port 9598

Explanation 2:

Our game server might be offline for maintenance or might experience a technical failure.

You can check our servers and status, we're posting there all our incidents and responses.